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StanfordVotes is a

non-partisan, university-wide, student-run organization

to increase voter turnout among Stanford students. Formed in response to the low student voter turnout rates in 2014 and 2016, StanfordVotes engages with campus leadership and other stakeholders to help create a culture of civic engagement on the Farm. StanfordVotes is run through the Stanford in Government (SIG) Civic Engagement Branch in collaboration with the Haas Center for Public Service, and has partnerships with the Associated Students of Stanford University (ASSU) and the President’s Office.


During the 2018 election, volunteers encouraged Stanford community members to vote through tabling in White Plaza, a Party at the Post Office event, and registering people to vote in dining halls. Due to these and other efforts, student turnout increased from 16.9% in 2014 to 42.7% in 2018. Since 2018, we’ve implemented an enrollment hold, which encourages students to register to vote (if eligible) before they’re allowed to sign up for classes. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic and the unprecedented nature of last year’s election cycle, we aimed for even better numbers in 2020 through new partnerships and creative methods of digital engagement.

Campus Partners


Current Leadership



Cameron (she/her) is a junior from Los Angeles majoring in Political Science and Philosophy. This year, she hopes to continue advocating for pro-voter policy and fostering a campus culture that valorizes civic engagement.

Outside of StanfordVotes, Cameron can be found spending too much money on iced lattes and agonizing over the problem of induction.


Isabelle Anzabi.jpg

Isabelle Anzabi

Co-Director, Voter Education

Isabelle (she/her) is a junior pursuing a major in Political Science and a minor in Psychology. She is passionate about voting rights and preserving the integrity of our elections. Isabelle is interested in the intersection between policy and technology, such as digital propaganda and disinformation campaigns. This year, Isabelle hopes to continue StanfordVotes’ voter registration efforts, increase voter accessibility to absentee ballots, and foster a culture of voter advocacy on campus!

Isabelle enjoys putting her literary analysis skills to use by overanalyzing every film she watches. Her love for democracy runs so deeply that like the unofficial color of democracy, she will occasionally don a blue wig!

Lexi Kupor.jpg

Lexi Kupor

Co-Director, Voter Education

Lexi (she/her) is a sophomore and Bay Area native planning to study History and Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. As a Co-Director of Voter Education, she looks forward to engaging with students on upcoming electoral initiatives and expanding student voting accessibility. After working with her local county government supervisors, advocating for bills in the state legislature, and volunteering for myriad campaigns, she's excited to bring her passion for civic engagement to the StanfordVotes team.


Outside of StanfordVotes, Lexi assists with research at the Clayman Institute, hikes the Dish, and chugs Coupa chai.

Emma Buday.jpg

Emma Buday

Director, Civic Programs

Emma (she/her) is a junior studying International Relations, hoping to pursue a career in climate policy. She holds a passion for promoting civic engagement and is incredibly excited to encourage students to become lifelong voters. Emma is also a Cardinal Quarter Peer Advisor at the Haas Center, and you will frequently find her on the couch in the BIRC.  


Coming from very northern Michigan (but not the UP), Emma has a staunch belief that Lake Michigan is better than the ocean. Emma highly prefers Coke Zero, suffers from submechanophobia, and has a really loud snap.

Emily Tianshi.jpg

Emily Tianshi

Co-Director, Institutional Relations

Emily (she/her) is a sophomore interested in studying Symbolic Systems and International Relations. As an Institutional Relations Co-Director, she connects StanfordVotes with major campus groups to integrate voting and civic engagement into key events and communities. She is excited to build pro-voter reform strategies at Stanford and see more students take part in voting.

Emily hails from San Diego, California and is also a Public Service Scholar, policy intern for Stanford Internet Observatory’s Election Integrity Partnership, member of Students for a Sustainable Stanford, and research assistant for Stanford Law School’s Non-Practicing Entity Database team. She loves exploring the outdoors, dogsitting, and reading.

Harry Katz.png

Harry Katz

Co-Director, Institutional Relations

Harry (he/him) is a junior, majoring in American Studies with a focus on Appalachian labor history. Originally from Massachusetts, Harry now lives in rural Virginia with his family and the two strangest-looking shelter dogs they could find.


Outside of his work with StanfordVotes, Harry likes to spend his time hiking, playing guitar, and seeing how many free books he can take from the History Department at one time. He cares deeply about the democratic process and is excited to be part of the StanfordVotes team and help keep student voter registration high.

Past Directors


Emily Handsel


Sean Casey

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Liana Keesing


Chase Small



Alex Chau



Christina Li



Antonia Hellman


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