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StanfordVotes is a

non-partisan, university-wide, student-run organization

to increase voter turnout among Stanford students. Formed in response to the low student voter turnout rates in 2014 and 2016, StanfordVotes engages with campus leadership and other stakeholders to help create a culture of civic engagement on the Farm. StanfordVotes is run through the Stanford in Government (SIG) Civic Engagement Branch in collaboration with the Haas Center for Public Service, and has partnerships with the Associated Students of Stanford University (ASSU) and the President’s Office.


During the 2018 election, volunteers encouraged Stanford community members to vote through tabling in White Plaza, a Party at the Post Office event, and registering people to vote in dining halls. Due to these and other efforts, student turnout increased from 16.9% in 2014 to 42.7% in 2018. Since 2018, we’ve implemented an enrollment hold, which encourages students to register to vote (if eligible) before they’re allowed to sign up for classes. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic and the unprecedented nature of last year’s election cycle, we aimed for even better numbers in 2020 through new partnerships and creative methods of digital engagement.

Campus Partners


Current Directors


Emily Handsel

Emily Handsel (she/her) is a sophomore pursuing a bachelor's degree in Political Science. After running the StanfordVotes social media presence during the 2020-21 school year, Emily is extremely excited to help Stanford students across the country get registered and ready to vote in November. She lives in Tampa, FL and has experience working on grassroots activism and political campaigns.


A fun fact about Emily is she used to perform in a circus troupe!

Cameron Lange.JPG

Cameron Lange

Cameron Lange (she/her) is a sophomore from Los Angeles. She is studying Political Science and Philosophy with the ultimate goal of devoting her life to electoral reform projects. This year, Cameron hopes to make StanfordVotes an active advocate for pro-voter policy and ballot accessibility measures while continuing to register students to vote and mobilizing the campus community to participate in special elections.


Shoot Cameron an email to chat about phonebanking, the best spots for iced coffee, and indie music!

Executive Heads


Henry Lai

Voter Education

Henry Lai (he/him) is a sophomore at Stanford studying Earth Systems, with a focus in public policy. As a member of Stanford Votes, Henry seeks to increase voter education by sharing and researching everything there is to know about who and what people are voting for. As a first time voter in the 2020 election, he was excited to understand the process and share that knowledge with other students. He joined StanfordVotes after being inspired by the unique importance of the 2020 election and hopes to encourage a healthy democracy through voter education.


In his spare time, he can be found outside stringing up a hammock or freezing in the cold Pacific waters. He also loves to cook, read and learn new things.


Katie Yoon

Data, Research, & Technology

Katie Yoon (she/her) is a sophomore at Stanford pursuing a major in Symbolic Systems and a potential minor in International Relations. Her main responsibilities as Head of Data, Research, & Technology include creating and managing the new StanfordVotes website, designing post-November data and research strategy on university students' voting behaviors, as well as ideating other ways to utilize technology to promote voting. Despite currently residing in South Korea, Katie hopes to improve voter turnout among Stanford students in the coming presidential election, especially in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In her free time, Katie enjoys karaoke, doing pilates, and watching foreign films to improve her language skills.


Gabe Boyd

Special Events

Gabe Boyd (he/him) is a sophomore interested in studying political science, public policy, or earth systems. As Director of Special Events for StanfordVotes, Gabe heads up efforts to bring guest speakers to the ~virtual~ Stanford community. Gabe joined StanfordVotes because he is passionate about voting rights, elections, and engaging young people in the political process. He is also working on helping Stanford students register to vote in their home state ahead of the 2020 election!


Gabe loves running, hiking, kayaking, roasting veggies, and being out in the sun. 

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Caitlin Casey

Faculty Engagement

Caitlin Casey (she/her) is a junior pursuing a major in Public Policy and a minor in Communications. As a member of StanfordVotes she primarily works with connecting faculty and professors to StanfordVotes' mission to promote civic engagement amongst the Stanford Community. She is passionate about civic engagement because she has been inspired by the community movements in her hometown of South Bend, Indiana to create change.


She is from South Bend, Indiana and goes to Stanford (and works on StanfordVotes) with her awesome twin brother, Sean.


In her spare time, she plays club soccer, is a tour guide on campus, and does research with the Center for Advanced Studies in Behavioral Sciences.


Ricky Rodrigues

Diversity & Outreach

Ricky Rodriguez (he/him) is a junior pursing a bachelor’s degree in History and Political Science. In his position as Head of Diversity and Outreach for StanfordVotes, he will serve as the liaison between StanfordVotes and various community centers & groups across campus to increase voter turnout across the nation. Ricky hopes to foster personal connections to encourage his peers to become active members in their own communities and in turn increase turnout on election day. 


He is passionate about the intersection of education, race, and government, and how these institutions listen to certain constituents over others.  


When he’s not working on getting out the vote, you will catch him in search of the next great restaurant, reading too many books at once, or catching an NPR tiny desk concert to pretend that life isn’t just an endless barrage of Zoom calls.


Sarah Saboorian

Student Organizations

Sarah Saboorian (she/her) is a junior pursuing a major in economics with minors in human rights and sustainability. In her StanfordVotes role Sarah facilitates relationships between student organizations and the StanfordVotes team, with the goal of leveraging their campus presence to engage more voters. As an ASSU Undergraduate Senator, she is particularly interested in encouraging ASSU (Exec, Senate, Class Presidents) buy-in to StanfordVotes’ mission and civic engagement efforts more generally.


Sarah is from Orange County, California. On campus she serves on the ASSU Undergraduate Senate, mentors middle school girls at Ravenswood through Women and Youth Supporting Each Other, and is co-leading an Alternative Spring Break on women’s issues. 

StanfordVotes Headshot- Jenna Reed.JPG

Jenna Reed

Frosh Outreach

Jenna Reed (she/her) is a freshman interested in studying political science, public policy, or international relations. As a member of StanfordVotes she helps freshmen register and prepare to vote in the November election as well as promote StanfordVotes’ civic engagement mission. She first fell in love with civic engagement and the political scene after taking a Current World Events class in 8th grade. She joined StanfordVotes with the goal of engaging Stanford students in politics and creating lifelong voters! 


In her spare time, she loves playing instruments, hiking, watching action films, and baking!


Noah Bartelt

Voter Education

Noah Bartelt (he/him) is a sophomore studying Public Policy. In his educational role, Noah wants to help people learn more about the importance of voting, how to vote, and what's on their ballots so they feel confident when they go to the polls (or, this year, the mailbox). Noah joined StanfordVotes because he has seen the harmful effects of unfair electoral systems firsthand in his home state of Wisconsin, one of the most gerrymandered states in the nation.

Outside of StanfordVotes, Noah is a recruiter for the Leland Stanford Junior University Marching Band, a staff writer and podcast host for Stanford Politics, and a Stanford tour guide. He loves music, skiing, and bringing up politics at family dinners.

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Graphic Design

Haley Silva

Haley Silva (she/her) is a freshman pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Political Science. As Head of Graphic Design for StanfordVotes, she designs content for the website and social media platforms. Haley hopes to utilize the power of social media to increase voter turnout among Stanford students, especially with the extra obstacles the pandemic brings. She became passionate about youth civic engagement and education after she saw the amazing impact it made in her own community of Salem, Oregon.


In her spare time, she loves hiking, playing beach volleyball, hanging out with friends, and being out in the sun!


Alexa Hui

Alexa Hui is a junior majoring in human biology with a minor in political science. As director of relational organization for StanfordVotes she designs projects to motivate civic engagement that utilize the diverse array of social networks connecting Stanford’s unique student body. She has worked with StanfordVotes since her freshman year as a residence ambassador, holding registration parties and providing pertinent voter information to encourage peers in her dorms to vote. She is passionate about democratic reform, media politics, and public health.

Alexa hopes to attend medical school and specialize in pediatric medicine or chronic disease. Ultimately she hopes to work in the global public health sphere. She loves Harry Potter and in her free time likes to run, read, and dance.

Past Directors


Sean Casey

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Liana Keesing


Chase Small



Alex Chau



Christina Li



Antonia Hellman