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The Ultimate November 3rd (& beyond)

Voting is just one of the many ways Stanford students can participate in democracy! Stanford faculty, the ASSU, and Stanford in Government are working hard to build engaging, exciting programming around the 2020 election that revolves around more than voting. 

  • EDUC 157: You’ll hear from a wide range of speakers (including preeminent political, business, foreign policy, and academic leaders) to explore the factors affecting the 2020 election and cultivate an informed view of possible outcomes.

  • POLISCI 52K: This course will attempt, with the help of expert guests, to draw lessons about the legitimate and illegitimate uses of technology in the 2020 election and to take stock of the health of American democracy. It will also explore questions about a tech policy agenda in a Trump or Biden administration.

  • PHIL 30: Faculty with expertise in philosophy, economics, law, political science, psychology, medicine, history, and more will come together for lively conversations about the issues not only shaping this election season but also the nation and world at large. Each week will be dedicated to a different topic, ranging from health care to racial injustice and challenges to democracy.

  • And many, many more!

Participate in Classes & Lecture Series Around the Election & Hot-Button Political Issues

​These are just a couple of the civic participation opportunities available to Stanford students and alumni this fall. Stay engaged, and don’t be afraid to be creative! Your community, at Stanford and across the country, need your input — make your voice heard!


  • Serve as a poll worker

    • With the pandemic limiting senior volunteers, there is great need for college students to work at the polls this Election Day. Go to your county’s elections website, and find out more information at the Rock the Vote website.

  • Get informed

    • Before casting your vote, learn about the candidates and other key issues in the election. Check out, a “one-stop-shop” for objective and balanced ballot information.

  • Phone and text bank

    • Help Get Out The Vote (GOTV) by phone banking or text banking to ensure voters have a plan to get to the polls. Sign up for nonpartisan GOTV activities with When We All Vote.

  • Protect the election

    • Volunteers are needed in nonpartisan efforts to protect voters against threats including polling disruptions, disinformation on social media, and voter suppression. Go to to learn more.

  • Use social media

    • Remind your friends and family to get to the polls and show your followers that you care about democracy by posting on your social media accounts. Grab a StanfordVotes Zoom background and upload a picture celebrating Election Day!

  • Watch history unfold

    • This will be a historic election. Take the time to appreciate democracy and discuss events with loved ones as they unfold. It’s more important than ever to hold the people you care about close!