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StanfordVotes is always looking for more volunteers! If you’re passionate about civic engagement, there’s a place on our team for you.

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Beyond StanfordVotes, there are some other great nonpartisan voting organizations for you to join at Stanford.

Join the Stanford-MIT Healthy Elections Project

The COVID-19 pandemic has profoundly disrupted the 2020 Presidential Election, and election officials across the country are working to ensure the election can be held as planned. Professor Nate Persily, from Stanford Law School, is seeking motivated students to assist the newly-launched Stanford-MIT Healthy Elections Project. Help provide information and assistance to election officials around the country to protect voters.

Adopt-a-County Poll Worker Recruitment Project

Due to the high percentage of poll workers who are seniors and more at risk for COVID-19, many counties have a critical shortage of poll workers for the upcoming election. Help identify and directly engage networks, institutions, and organizations to serve as poll workers in key jurisdictions during the November 3 general election.

Campus Compact Poll Worker Recruitment Project

The Campus Compact Safe Elections Project will enlist and train 300 students to recruit their peers as poll workers for the November 2020 election. Campus Compact will train the Student Recruiters to be effective digital organizers and educators about the importance of poll workers in our democracy. Selected students receive a stipend.

The Poll Hero Project

The Poll Hero Project is recruiting thousands of college and high school students to be paid poll workers to make the 2020 Election a success. Their organizers will walk you through the process of applying to your local election board and getting prepared for Election Day.