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After you've registered to vote, you still have to cast your ballot. Making a voting plan increases the likelihood that you will follow through. How will you vote? When will you vote? Answering these questions is the best thing you can do to hold yourself accountable.


If you're a registered voter in Santa Clara County, you can vote on campus.

Tresidder Union (Oak Lounge) will be a Santa Clara County Vote Center for the Presidential Election on November 8, 2022.


Vote By Mail

Get a ballot from any state mailed to campus.

Order your absentee ballot through

Make sure it will be sent to the Tresidder Package Center—not to your dorm. Use this mailing address:

First Name (Middle Name/Initial) Last Name

459 Lagunita Drive

c/o Tresidder Package Center

Stanford, CA 94305


Don't worry about leaving your SUNet ID out of the address. You'll still be notified of your ballot's arrival.


Haven't received your ballot at the package center?

- Ask a package center employee

- Email

- Call (617) 982-2301

Complete and return your ballot.

Although many states accept mail-in votes until Election Day, put your ballot in the mail as soon as possible. Use this USPS outgoing mailbox locator!

Check out our 2022 Voter Guide for specific info on how to vote in your state. 

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